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Giving broken lives new direction

Transforming the healed into healers

Dave’s Story

Dave Birmingham

I was a shy, unconfident kid, and found early on that alcohol gave me confidence and made me the centre of attention.  When I was 19 I travelled around Australia; doing a bungee jump, scuba diving on the Great Barrier reef, and also trying my first ecstasy tablet… From there I ended up in a psychiatric hospital diagnosed with psychosis, and on my release I was extremely depressed.  My life for the next few years was one of extreme highs and lows.  Eventually I found heroin, and again thought that I had found the answer to my problems, but in the end it robbed me of everything I loved; my job, my home, my family – my whole life.  I ended up in prison and on the streets, feeling suicidal and hopeless… (more)  

Dave Birmingham Betel of Ireland

Betel of Ireland

Betel of Ireland:  Restoring broken lives

Betel of Ireland is a caring Christian community which is completely free of charge.

Betel is dedicated to restoring homeless and long-term unemployed people to healthy, independent lifestyles. We train men in a wide range of life and employment skills, enabling them to rebuild a strong work ethic. All of our residences are drug- and alcohol-free and totally free of charge . We offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek our help.

Please take the time to browse our site, and please contact us if you have any queries or to refer men and women to our centres.

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Allies River Road


Co. Wicklow

Phone: 003531 – 282 – 1207

Email: ireland@betel.org